Angela K. Love, MBA Founder/Owner

Angela K. Love, MBA

Welcome to PAFS!

Understanding personal finance is one skill the majority of people will need to possess throughout their lifetime.  If most people are like me, they did not get a strong personal financial education in elementary or secondary school.  Throughout my high school and college years, I struggled with knowing how to manage my finances.  I did not know how to create or follow a budget, write a check, or balance a checking account.  Loan terms, debt, and all things finance were a mystery.  Many teens and young adults are entering their adult lives with little to no financial knowledge, let alone having a plan as to how they will navigate their financial path.  

Knowledge about finances is important for small business owners or those seeking to start a small business, too.  Accountants help with filing taxes and managing accounts, but it is necessary to understand financial concepts to have a successful company.  Most accountants are there to report what you have done, and not there to offer how you should operate.  Many people with an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset enter the small business world without the solid foundation of financial understanding. 

Knowing the basics of finances can go a long way to lessening the headaches of managing personal and business finances.  P-A Financial Services (PAFS) seeks to increase financial literacy among youth, adults, and small businesses by creating educational materials.  

To learn about PAFS' vision, philosophy, products, what we teach, and how we deliver content, please keep scrolling down.

~ Angela Love

parker H. love Executive assistant

parker H. love
Executive assistant

Parker is the Executive Assistant at PAFS.  She uses her creative abilities in many areas. She created the cover and interior background color for the Jingle in Your Pocket book as well as Co-Hosts the Financial Beeswax Podcast.    

PAFS' Mission

Creating educational materials to increase financial literacy among youth, adults, and small businesses.

PAFS' Vision

To bridge the gap between learning and successfully applying financial concepts through practical financial educational materials.  To strive to make difficult financial concepts simple by starting at the basics.  To encourage positive conversations about personal finance in families.

PAFS' Philosophy

We do not believe in a one-and-done philosophy.  Individuals, young and old, learn best through repetition.  With this in mind, PAFS encourages educators (e.g. parents, caregivers, teachers, etc.) to provide financial learning to students each year.  Doing so will allow students to retain more information over time, build upon skills already learned, broaden their knowledge, and fill in any gaps that were not learned in previous years.   

PAFS' Products

Our products are designed for all students, whether they attend public, private, or homeschool.  Our children’s books are created so parents can read or work alongside the student.  Our curriculum for middle and high school aged students were created as student-led material.  As students read a lesson, they are independently learning the material.  Each lesson provides an exercise to reinforce the material the student read in the lesson.  Many questions direct students to ask parents questions to encourage open conversation about financial concepts.  These conversations let students understand financial concepts in a personal way, helping them to retain the information. 

What PAFS' Products Teach

Our current and future products teach a broad foundation of financial concepts which includes consumer math, basics of investments, finance, some accounting terminology, and a touch of economics.  The theory behind our materials is to explain the why not just the how.  For example, our middle and high school materials explore what investments are, but leave financial planning to the experts.  The material explains how various insurance options (e.g. health, life, and disability) are deducted from gross wages, but we let licensed insurance agents explain the available insurance options.

How PAFS' Delivers Content

Besides the products we offer, we also have a blog and podcast.  We attempt to produce one article a week and a podcast every other week during the convention season, which typically runs February through July.  Our podcast, Financial Beeswax, if offered for free on our website and iTunes.   We also have a newsletter that goes to subscriber’s inbox on Saturdays.  Signup for our newsletter to receive new products announcement, excerpts of articles, and other valuable information!


Regardless of the information we offer, each person’s financial situation is unique to them.  Changes in financial practices may affect an individual’s or businesses’ tax liability and financial position.  This being the case, it is recommended that a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or attorney be consulted at your expense to review how financial decisions may affect your financial position and tax liability.