Angela K. Love, MBA Founder/Owner

Angela K. Love, MBA

P-A Financial Services (PAFS) was started to increase financial literacy among children, teens, and young adults.  While working in the financial services industry, Angela discovered that many teens and young adults were just like her when she was in high school and college: a young person without the skills and knowledge to manage her money.  Angela found herself struggling financially as she entered the adult world and was financially responsible for herself.  Angela discovered she didn't know how to write a check, balance a checkbook, or create a budget.  Today, she shares her knowledge with children, teens, and young adults who are getting ready to enter their adult's lives.  She plans to add educational materials for adults and small businesses in the future. 

Angela has Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in both Finance and Management and an MBA in Accounting from Columbia College - Missouri. Currently, she is a doctoral candidate studying for her Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Finance degree at Walden University.  Her professional experience and education, along with homeschooling her three kids, have given her a unique perspective in writing financial educational materials for children and teens. 

parker H. love Executive assistant

parker H. love
Executive assistant

Parker is the Executive Assistant at PAFS.  She uses her creative abilities in many areas. She created the cover and interior background color for the Jingle in Your Pocket book as well as Co-Hosts the Financial Beeswax Podcast.    

Financial Frank and Cecily Cent are PAFS' mascots!  They help kids learn about personal finance.